Research chemicals are those substances or chemicals which are not studied in detail. Research chemical also refers that some substances or chemicals are tested in labs in test tube or in animal studies on basic levels to get to know about their properties and their usage in different drugs.

Some of the research chemicals are relatively new in market or under observational tests, whereas others have been there for long period of time, however adequate research is not conducted on them with special emphasis on health hazards of particular chemical. Diminutive information is drawn from them, which is only considered as primary psycho nautical report. Limited or absolutely no research has been gathered on the toxic effects of these chemicals. Very few or no researches based on animal or human studies are conducted on these chemicals. Many scientists and chemical researchers have suggested terming these chemicals as unsearched chemicals. Also these chemicals are also known with term of experimental chemicals. The term experimental chemical is considered more appropriate as the associated risks related to ingesting are yet to discover.

Research chemicals are dangerous to ingest as their properties are unknown. Their health risk is far higher than the ones studied earlier. It would be accurate to say that research chemicals are confirmed dangerous, but the fact lies in the little or no prior knowledge about these chemicals. Their usage in high quantities is not observed in people on large scale, therefore the degree of damage because of their consumption cannot be concluded. By taking an un-experimented drug or chemical, a person makes himself an experiment. It is possible that the drug may be safe and even beneficial in some cases, but it is also possible that after taking repeated episodes of same drug, the person starts facing the freezing of body like symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

By taking a research chemical, a person is putting himself in a blind alley, and he can be unlucky to face the new chemical’s toxic dosage. He may also get addicted to it. And if he ends up in the hospital due to drug over dosage, doctors may only figure out the treatment of that particular drug over dose. People on psychoactive drugs for long time may experience drug over dose accidentally, and the consequences of research chemicals are hard to guess beforehand.

Sometimes it happens that people relate a research chemical with well known chemical on bases of similar or near to similar chemical composition. However, the under studied chemical can never be guaranteed no matter how much it resembles the known chemical, until or unless the research chemical is studied properly.

Different research chemicals may have different side effects, and mostly are not known properly. Stronger and prominent side effects of drugs can be discovered quickly by self experimentation. However before self experimentation, one should investigate it thoroughly. Information can be gathered through journals, books and primary reports. One can also ask the people who been through researches themselves or have been part of the research team.

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